• Environmental Education Promotion

1. 2009 community environment transformation (initial type: NT$100,000 per community: five communities are expected to be subsidized by the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan) (EPA); advanced type: NT$200,000 per community; one community is expected to be subsidized by EPA), environmental protection class plan (NT$500,000/community; one community is expected to be subsidized by EPA
2.Conduct the ‘Environmental Protection Activity Promotion Plan’
3. Conduct ‘Air Pollution Prevention Promotion Activity Subsidization and Expenditure Verification’
4. Conduct environmental creativity teachers’ study camp
5. Conduct counseling visitations to 50 schools
6 Promote stall setup at large events held by other departments in the County Government
7. Promote stall setup at large events held by the private sector
8. Schedule kindergarten kids’ visits to EPA and conduct environmental education activities
9. Schedule grants for schools to conduct 3 sessions of environmental study camp for teachers
10. Schedule grants for schools to conduct environmental protection summer camp for youths
11. Schedule subsidies for schools meritorious in regard to environmental protection, to conduct environmental education promotion

  • Environmental Volunteers
    1. Conduct basic and special (skills) training for environmental volunteers
    2. Conduct review meetings (meals included) in the beginning of the year and year-end volunteer activities
    3. Apply for volunteers’ handbook and volunteer insurance
    4. Set up volunteer squads in villages/neighborhoods/communities under township office supervision
  • Green Consumption
    1. Conduct green store undertakings.
    2. Conduct Green Badge promotion activities.
    3. Conduct green procurement.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
    1. Conduct the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) procedure review, the ad hoc group meetings and the general assembly review. (Accepted: Environment Explanation of Yunlin No.1 road development case, the incinerator content change table. The hazardous content change table will also be submitted by Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.)
    2. Conduct administrative procedures such as EIA monitoring and inspection (weekly assessment of 6th LPG), follow-up action, improvement deadline, and inspection upon improvement completion
    3. Conduct EIA action petition, administrative proceedings, etc
    4. Conduct EIA Act promotion
    5. Undertake cases jointly reviewed by the county departments and offices
    6. Promote matters that ensure sustainable development (undertaken by Planning Department): the 2008 EPA subsidy program was outsourced and executed by township (city) offices
    7. Conduct EIA administrative proceedings of Linnei Incinerators
    8. Review jointly signed environmental protection related proof or documents such as factory registration
    9. Cooperate with EPA in environmental impact assessment or attend EPA monitoring or review meetings
    10. Submit EPA-related statistics reports

  • Integrated Services
    1. Submit EPA-related statistics reports.
    2. Conduct factory registration or environmental protection proof or documents.
    3. Issue proof or documents not bound by environmental protection regulations, such as changing land use to expand factory for TAIEX or OTC listed companies.
    4. Monitor and track meeting records.
    5. Compile and report county council meeting records.
    6. Compile and report county planning office data.
    7. Issue fine reminders.
    8. Undertake integrated services.

  • Cleaning Homes
    1. Landscaping assistant recruitment plan
    2. Conduct the ‘clean home assessment (contest) plan’.
    3. Plan and execute the ‘home cleaning plan’ and undertake funding and expenditure verification.
    4. Set up air pollution fund subsidiary guidelines.

  • Environmental Agents
    1. Conduct pest prevention and control program (including mosquitoes, dengue fever and little black mosquitoes) (EPA subsidized, but the pending amount has been listed in the budget as noted in the previous letter) to conduct workshops, and purchase environmental agents and rat poison.
    2. Check environmental agents (targeting traditional grocery stores/convenience stores this year).
    3. Check sources of forged and inferior environmental chemicals made in China.
    4. Conduct vector control assessment (targeting the hotel and catering industry this year).
    5. Conduct disease vector control industry and /environmental agent vendor/manufacturer management.
    6. Subsidize township councils to buy sanitation facilities, inspection equipment, etc.
    7. Report EPA-related statistics.
  • Environmental Sanitation

    1. Coordinate with Central Government to implement 'The Promotion of a Sustainable Environmental Hygiene Plan’ and submit relevant plans.
    2. Conduct evaluation and inspection of public toilets in gas stations.
    3. Conduct approval of advertising banners (only for county government activities, premises leased from the county government, public service activities, school enrollment, government promotion, etc). Roman-style flags are preferable.
    4. Conduct inspection and penalize illegal advertising material.
    5. Expand recruitment to remove advertisements, clean designated locations, conduct interviews, calculate payroll, and purchase insurance.
    6. Assist township halls to conduct clean-up/management of vacant spaces and designated locations.
    7. Subsidize township halls to conduct beach clean-up, coastal cleaning (employment), and equipment procurement.
    8. Conduct ditch dredging.
    9. Conduct dispatch of ditch dredging vehicles (for the council), vehicle maintenance and personnel management.
    10. Conduct Prevention and Relief for Natural Disaster and maintenance of communications equipment.
    11. Schedule buying “mobile toilet cars” (or “pick-up trucks” or “loading shovels” subsidized by EPA; the pending amount has been included in the budget as noted in the previous letter)
    12. Submit environmental sanitation-related statistics to EPA.

  • Expansion of Domestic Demands
    1. Inspect contract factories and conduct follow-up inspection and acceptance for the “advertising bulletin boards” (100 sets)
    2. Inspect contract factories and conduct follow-up inspection and acceptance for the ‘ditch dredging equipment’ (8 sets). Conduct at least 3 ‘follow-up ‘operation, maintenance, and repair training meetings’ and at least 1 ‘forklift ‘operation, maintenance, and repair training meeting.’
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