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This Organization including :Director-general、Deputy Director General、Secretary、Comprehensive Planning Division、Air Quality and Noise Control Division、Water Quality Protection Division、Environmental Sanitation Division、Waste Management Division、General Affairs Office、Accounting Office、Personnel Office, Accounting Office、Civil Service Ethics Office

Department of Comprehensive Planning

 Integrating and planning, restraining and appraising, evaluating the influence of environment, handling disputes and appeals of environmental pollution, educating the public on environmental issues, and environment quality examining affairs

Department of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control

 Air pollution prevention and control, noise and vibration restraint and other related affairs

Department of Water Quality Protection

 Water contamination, heat pollution, water quality monitoring at river and sea areas, drinking water management and other affairs

Department of Environmental Sanitation & Toxis Substance Management

 Section Environmental sanitation management, environmental sanitizing control, toxic substance management, vector management, toxic substance danger prevention, information system management and other affairs

Department of Waste Management

 Garbage disposal and recycling, garbage landfill / factory management, soil pollution prevention and control, and other affairs

Offices of General Affairs

 Documents, official seal, research and evaluation, purchasing, financial affairs management, administrative affairs management, and miscellaneous affairs

Offices of Personnel

 Appointing and removing, transferring and promoting/demoting, appraisal, rewards and  punishments, training, further education, servicing, salary, fringe benefits, insurance, retirement pension, and other related affairs

Offices of Accounting

 Management of annual budget, accounting, compiling statistics and other affairs

Offices of Civil Service Ethics

 Conducting government ordinance propaganda campaign, preventing, discovering, processing and reporting on corruption and negligence of duties among staff members, safeguarding public affairs secrets, public facilities safety, assisting handling appeals and petition claims, and other affairs

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