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About Us


 When Yunlin County was first established in central Taiwan on the 25 th of October 1950, most of the residents in the County were farmers. However, following the rapid economic development in Taiwan, the County now has a lot of factories and industrial pollution. Hence, one of the most important challenges for the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Yunlin County is to try and find a balance between economic development and a comfortable and healthy living environment. Established on the 1 st of April 1991, the EPB is in charge of all matters related to environmental protection, including: air pollution, noise, water pollution, garbage, toxic chemical substances control, waste control, environmental impact assessment, environmental education and environmental protection volunteers.

 Our mission is to safeguard the environment of Yunlin County. In recent years, the major problems in environmental protection are as follows:

(1) The lack of civic responsibility and moral courage makes it hard for the public to implement the concept of environmental protection in their daily life.

(2) Some businessmen tried to get around environmental impact assessments by reducing the area of development and damaging the natural environment in the County.

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