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Yunlin County’s 2016 Clean-Up Week
The strong winds and torrential rain which Typhoon Megi brought to Taiwan enveloped the whole island, causing serious destruction to the environment in Yunlin County. Following on from this, the 20 regions of the county joined forces to hold a “Clean-Up Week” to improve cleanliness in the county. At 7:30 am on October 15th, a clean-up event was held in the public square outside the Lunpei Farmers’ Association. In attendance were: Yunlin County Magistrate Lee Chin-yung, Lunpei Township Mayor Lee Yung-mao, Director of the Planning Department Tseng Yuan-huang, Director-General of the Environmental Protection Bureau Lin Chang-chao, residents from Lunpei Township, along with teams of clean-up volunteers who were all continuing with the recovery and clean-up effort. The event also urged people to do more to clear away any objects which could lead to mosquito larvae developing, and work together to create a clean environment.
Heavy or torrential rain can cause flooding or water accumulation in some areas. When this occurs, it is important to remove any objects which may cause mosquito larvae to grow. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Yunlin County Government has three important reminders for residents when they are doing any cleaning:
1. Large waste items and rotting or pungent garbage must be cleared up separately.
2. Homes can be disinfected using domestic bleach which can be bought from local retailers. The bleach should be diluted according to its label (e.g. 1-part bleach to 99- parts water) when it is being used to disinfect.
3. Special attention should be paid to removing any outdoor containers which collect water to prevent mosquito larvae from breeding.
Residents must also remember to remove any standing water from their roofs, allotments, and flower beds, as well as from any items which may hold water such as vases, water containers, water tanks, refrigerator defrosting trays, and potted plant saucers. Unwanted potted plants should also be disposed of. All remaining containers must be scrubbed to remove any spots of mosquito eggs and then either put away or turned upside down. Epidemics of dengue fever can be avoided if people remember the golden cleaning rules of: “Look, tip, clean, and scrub”; as well as “Clean and double-clean, check and double-check.”
County Magistrate Lee Chin-yung also expressed his thanks to all the residents and employees who worked so hard during the recovery and clean-up effort when the disaster struck. He also stated that with the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival due to be held in Yunlin from February 11th to 19th, all residents are requested to come together to care for their home county and make an all-out effort in cleaning up the environment. This will ensure that guests can enjoy their trip to Yunlin and leave with happy memories of the county’s environment.
UPDATE:2017-06-01 14:16:00