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Yunlin County’s Successful Air Quality Improvement and Target Performance Items Reaching Record Highs in Recent Years

 The Yunlin County Government continues to carry out analyses on the causes, sources, and characteristics of pollution in the county and strengthen improvement control on normal days and air pollution-prone seasons. The good air-quality rate has reached a new high in recent years, while the PM2.5 and PM10 concentration, PM2.5 red alert days, bad-air-quality rate, river dust event days, and bad-air-quality response days have continued to decrease, indicating everyday pollution reduction. Air pollution response practices and Zhuoshui River dust treatment and response operations have proven effective, and air quality has continued to improve.

 According to the data of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan), Yunlin County’s annual average PM2.5 concentration at the automatic station was 20.8μg/m3 last year (2019), a decrease by 12% compared to 23.7μg/m3 in 2018, with an improvement rate ranking 5th in the nation; the annual average PM10 concentration at the automatic station was 46.7μg/m3, a decrease by 15% compared to 54.8μg/m3 in 2018; the PM2.5 red alert days were 25 days, a decrease by two days compared to 2018;the year-round bad-air-quality rate was 17%, a decrease by 6% compared to 2018; the year-round good-air-quality rate reached 83%, an increase by 6% compared to 2018 and the highest in the recent five years; the river dust event days also decreased from 50 days to 29 days in 2018, an improvement rate of 42%; the bad-air-quality days were 138 days compared to 171 days in 2018, a decrease of 33 days.

 Yunlin County has continued to promote various control measures. In terms of the promotion of boiler replacement and improvement on clean fuel within the jurisdiction of the county, a total of 228 boilers at Yunlin Technology-based Industrial Park, Douliu Industrial Park, Yuanchang Industrial Park, and Fongtian Industrial Park have been replaced; targeting the problem of odors from chemical plants, through expert guidance and improvement, the appeal cases decreased from 23 cases to three cases per month, a decrease of 87%. In terms of vehicle improvement, the 2019 two-stroke motorcycle replacements reached 7,664 units, with only 25,000 two-stroke motorcycles remaining; for Diesel vehicle replacements, in addition to subsidies amounting to NT$80 million and the promotion of control vehicles in the public and private sectors reaching 31 units, ranking 2nd in the nation. In terms of the Mailiao Port, the Sulphur content of oil used for ships was decreased to 0.5%, and the SOX emissions were reduced by 2,025 tons. Additionally, all the sixth naphtha cracker vehicles are Phase 4-5 vehicles, while the ratio of electric equipment use in the port area reached 98%; for the construction site part, the first alternative plan applications requiring the installation of smoke filters or green fences were launched to strengthen pollution reduction and improve the construction site image, with the overall pollutant reduction rate reaching 58%; road dust, integrated enterprises, construction sites, and other private sector and public sector resources were put to effective uses. The annual cleaning length reached 130,000km, the length of which can circle Taiwan 113 times, while the TSP reduction was 1,830 tons; in terms of livelihood issue control, a provisional inspection team was set up for open-air burning, which along with technological inspection operations targeting open-air burning contributed to the 74% decrease in appeal cases and a decrease of 13,805 hectares of reduced hay burning straw; in terms of oil fume from catering industry cooking emissions, oil fume improvement in the business circle of Minsheng South Road in Douliu City was promoted in 2018; the Chenggong Night Market in Douliu City was promoted into an environmental protection demonstration night market in 2019, with the oil fume equipment installation ratio reaching 100%; in terms of river dust control, through the continuous promotion of the central and local cooperation model, addition to decreasing 387 hectares of bare area and decreasing PM10 by 257 tons, 22 elementary schools in three coastal towns and townships installed the new fresh air ventilation system. On top of it, for the first time, clam shells were used to improve the dust problem and agricultural waste at the same time.

 In 2020, the Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau will continue to carry out ongoing control directives and measures. In terms of factory improvement, negotiations with factories within the county regarding promotion of pollution reduction, strengthening of poor air quality inspection operations and technology maps, and legalization of unregulated factories will be carried out; in terms of vehicle improvement, Douliu City will be promoted to become the first electric vehicle demonstration city; in terms of road dust, fog cannon-type machines will be used to carry out contingency operations and expand the street-washing momentum to 20 towns and townships; in terms of livelihood issues, agricultural regulation will be exerted to provide guidance for the establishment of straw weaving classes in communities, as well as bare land or river dust improvement; for the publicity part, media exposure will be strengthened, thereby strengthening Yunlin county’s exposure through new media.

 According to Director-General Huang, Shi-Han of the Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau, despite the initial results in air pollution improvement in Yunlin County, the PM2.5 concentration has not yet reached the standard goal of 15mg and still needs us to step up efforts. The Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau, in cooperation with the Air Pollution Control Plan of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan) (2020-2023) will formulate air quality improvement strategies and schedules for the next four years. Through all-around management and improvement of air pollution sources, control measures will continue to be reviewed and improved to protect air quality in Yunlin County.

UPDATE:2020-03-16 14:53:00