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Encouraging Old Motorcycle Replacement Yunlin County 2020 Additional Subsidies Announcement

 In order to encourage old motorcycle replacement, in addition to continuing to provide additional subsidies, the Yunlin county government has included low and middle income households as subsidy targets this year (2020), providing up to NT$30,000 subsidy to cater to the needs of vulnerable groups. Additionally, in order to encourage the general public’s use of electric scooters with zero emission, the county continues to provide additional subsides to new e-bikes purchased, Moreover, targeting students with household registration in the county and enrolled in undergraduate departments (day classes) and graduate institutes of universities in this county, whether replacements or new e-bike purchases, subsidies of up to NT$22,000 will be granted.

 The subsidy plan is divided into three parts: trade in an electric two-wheel vehicle, trade in a Phase 7 motorcycle, and the new purchase of an electric scooter. The general public may receive subsidies of up to NT$12,000 for replacing electric scooters and Phase 7 motorcycles and receive subsidies of up to NT$5,000 for new purchases of electric scooters. For low and middle income households, the subsidies of up to NT$30,000 will be granted for replacing electric scooters and Phase 7 motorcycle and up to NT$13,000 for redeeming electric & power assisted e-bikes. In addition, for students with household registration in this county and enrolled in year 1-3 of undergraduate departments (day classes) or year 1 of graduate institutes (day classes) of universities in this county, an additional NT$10,000 and NT$5,000 are granted for replacements and new electric scooter purchases compared to grants for the general public. The total subsidies amount to NT$22,000 and NT$10,000.

 According to Director-General Huang, Shi-Han of the Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau, phased-out motorcycles were mainly two-stroke motorcycles in the past. This year, the restriction has been relaxed to high-pollution motorcycles that left the factory before June 30, 2007. The subsidy plans are mainly in accordance with the subsidy policy of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan), taking into consideration the local finances and characteristics and granting additional subsidies to different identities under limited resources. In addition to reducing everyone’s burden of purchasing vehicles, the needs of vulnerable groups can be catered to, low-pollution motorcycles can be promoted, and high-pollution motorcycles can be eliminated, thereby improving air quality and safeguarding the health of the county’s residents.

 Visit the Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau website for inquiries on the 2020 subsidy plan contents and related application forms: (Services/Download of Forms and Files); or call the hotline during office hours at: 05-5526398 or 05-5375216. There will be designated staff to provide consultation services. 

UPDATE:2020-03-16 14:49:00