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Campus Maintenance-Yunlin Calls on Epidemic Prevention in Concerted Efforts

 In coping with “Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens” related epidemic prevention work and the fact that schools of all levels were about to commence classes, in order to for students to have a safe environment that sets their minds at ease, Yunlin County has called on the towns and townships to engage in environmental disinfection operations, targeting schools of all levels within the jurisdiction. At the same time, the schools of all levels were invited to regularly clean and disinfect objects the teachers and students on campus were frequently exposed to, so as to effectively fulfill the epidemic prevention work.

 Schools of all levels will commence classes on February 25, 2020. In order to maintain the health of teachers and students and implement epidemic prevention actions, the Yunlin government distributed 20 tons of disinfectant provided by Formosa Plastics Group to 20 town and township offices in the county and immediately launched campus disinfection work. At present, the campus disinfection work has been completed one after another in the towns and townships, thereby ensuring a safe learning environment that sets teachers and students’ minds at ease.

 County Magistrate Zhang, Li-Shan appealed to the general public and groups and units that in order to prevent occurrences of cluster infections, preventive epidemic prevention and environmental disinfection operations should be carried out in the surroundings of gathering places (home, communities, markets, temples, etc.). The town and township offices will also assist in enhancing disinfection and epidemic prevention work in gathering places within the jurisdiction. The current priority is to carry out epidemic prevention operations targeting the campus environment and complete campus disinfection operations before February 24. The general public is once again called to be clear about the concept of epidemic prevention by all, cultivate good hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, regularly perform disinfection and cleaning work on the surfaces of frequently exposed objects in daily life, avoid going to crowded and confined spaces, and seek medical treatment and put on a mask in case of physical discomfort. The Yunlin government invites you to engage in epidemic prevention in concerted efforts.

  • County Magistrate Zhang, Li-Shan leads in informing about campus epidemic prevention
    County Magistrate Zhang, Li-Shan leads in informing about bleaching agent dilution
UPDATE:2020-03-16 14:47:00