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Increasing the number of US-Taiwan Eco-campus in Taimei, Yunlin County: a commitment

  January 19 - To promote and encourage the participation in the US-Taiwan Eco-campus Partnership Program, Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau launched the environmental education school partners of 2018 Yunlin County “US-Taiwan Eco-campus Alliance Promotion and Award Program”. Schools certified in 2018 are awarded today, including the “US-Taiwan Eco-campus: green flag” for Chaocuo Waldorf Education Experimental Elementary School of Baozhong Township; “US-Taiwan Eco-campus: silver medal” for Guang Fuh Elementary School of Huwei Township, Long Yan Elementary School of Baozhong Township, Wen Jeng Elementary School of Shuilin Township, Lintou Elementary School of Douliu City and Anding Elementary School of Xiluo Township; “US-Taiwan Eco-campus: bronze medal” for Neihu Elementary School of Sihu Township, Huanan Elementary School of Gukeng, and eight more schools. The awards were presented by Director General Chang, Chiao-Wei of Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau. As of the end of 2018, one received a green flag, five received silver medals, and ten received bronze medals.

 The US-Taiwan Eco-campus partner program was facilitated by the EPA, Executive Yuan and collaborated with Eco-Schools USA. The bronze medal, silver medal, and green flag certifications were referenced and localized to provide a locally applicable certification system as part of globalization efforts. Schools utilize local resources and unique elements, and exercise a model of seven steps and twelve pathways to promote energy conservation, carbon emission reduction, environment sustainability, nearby community involvement and the creation of healthy living environment. The US-Taiwan Eco-campus alliance certification includes 3 grades: bronze medal, silver medal, and green flag (in ascending order).

 Director General Chang, Chiao-Wei stated that the “US-Taiwan Eco-campus partner alliance” initiated by the EPA involves an action team comprising the students, managers, and staff of the schools as well as community volunteers. Green management is also incorporated into the ground, facilities, and curricula of the schools. With the students being the main role supported by teaching staff, the environmental education will inspire dedication to the environment from school education, and a robust foundation of environmental awareness.

UPDATE:2020-02-19 14:38:00