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2019 Yunlin County spring beach cleanup

 As an effort for the April 22 Earth Day and June 5 World Environment Day, the EPA has launched the “Co-living with the wild: environment sustainability” seasonal event to work with beach cleanup volunteer Facebook clubs to publish recruitment feeds. On April 14, Sunday, Yunlin County Taixi Village Administration and Yunlin County Beach Cleanup Association also hosted the “2019 Yunlin County spring beach cleanup” at Taisi Haikou Living Museum to restore the cleanliness of beaches.

 Ocean pollution has become a major global issue, and beach cleanups have been done as a contribution to the ocean environment. The Association, as the organizer of the cleanup event, invited more than 300 volunteers to help relieve the waste burden on the beaches and ocean.

 In order to increase public involvement, Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau has called for the “adoption” of beaches by public groups and corporations as Yunlin coastal cleanup volunteers. It is hoped that public awareness will be raised for beach cleanup, which in turn translate into the actions dedicated for the coastal environment. In this event, the volunteers collected 1,060 kg of general waste (plastic fragments, Styrofoam and bamboo) and 60 kg of recyclable waste (paper, PET bottles and glass bottles). We want to thank them for their dedication to the coastal environment.

 According to Director General Chang, Chiao-Wei, the beach cleanup events is a way to increase public recognition of its meaning and significance. He also wants to emphasize the importance of the beach environment and ocean conservation, and advocates for a change of lifestyle, including reducing plastic use, material recycling and reusing, and stopping as well as gathering up wastes disposed arbitrarily to leave clean and healthy beaches for the next generation. Corporations and public groups interested in “adopting” beaches may consult Yunlin County Environmental Protection Bureau.


UPDATE:2019-04-29 10:11:00