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2017 Yunlin County Fall Season Beach Cleaning Activity

  One of the top issues widely discussed around the world is pollution of the sea. People organize different types of beach-cleaning activities to demonstrate their concern and interest in the ocean and their determination to resolve the challenge of ocean pollution, which indicates that the effort of ocean conservation as a group rather than individual effort will require the involvement of all members of the public.

 The Environmental Protection Bureau of Yunlin County and the Sihhu Township Office co-organized the “2017 Yulin County Fall Season Beach-cleaning Activity” at the Boziliao Harbor of Yunlin County’s Kouhu Township today (22). The Taipower Company also mobilized its employees in support of the event, attracting over 300 people to conduct cleanup activities along the coastline and its surrounding area.

 The Environmental Protection Bureau has promoted the adoption of the seashore by civic organizations and enterprises, inviting the Taipower Company to adopt the coastal section of Yunlin County and to participate in the protection of the ocean. Taipower Company has officially adopted the Santiaolun coastline section of Yunlin County in April this year and has organized beach cleanup activities on an irregular basis. Hopefully, through the holding of such events, more people will become aware of the concept of beach-cleaning and ocean environment protection, convincing them to take part in actions that will help to protect our ocean and coastal environment. This event achieved the removal of 730 kg of garbage (including plastic pieces, Styrofoam, and bamboo) and the recycling of 102 kg of materials (paper, PEP bottles, and glass bottles), demonstrating the passion of the participants to protect the ocean and maintain a clean environment along the coast.

 The Environmental Protection Bureau noted that in addition to cleaning up the ocean, beach-cleaning activities are able to educate people and infuse within them the concept of environmental protection. The Bureau called upon the public to recognize the importance of maintaining clean beaches and implementing ocean conservation, thereby adjusting their living habits, such as reducing the use of plastics, recycling materials instead of discarding them, avoiding littering, and picking up litter to help create clean and healthy beaches for future generations! We welcome enterprises and civic organizations interested in adopting beaches to contact the Environmental Protection Bureau of Yunlin County!

UPDATE:2017-10-30 10:22:00