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First in Taiwan: Irrigation Association Receives Certification for Environmental Education Venue

  Today (Oct. 3rd) the Yunlin Irrigation Association’s Environmental Education Park held the environmental education venue plaque unveiling ceremony. Director Li Chien-yu of Environmental Protection Administration’s (EPA) Environmental Professionals Training Institute, Chairperson of the Irrigation Association Lin Wen-ruei, Secretary Shen Shu-yuan of the Environmental Protection Bureau and other guests attended the event and jointly witnessed the unveiling of the plaque identifying the facility as an environmental education venue, writing a new page for the environmental education efforts of Yunlin County.

 The Environmental Education Bureau noted that as soon as the Irrigation Association established the “Environmental Education Promotion Section” in October of 2015, it began applying for certification as an environmental education venue. With two years of continuous efforts and overcoming various challenges, it successfully received the certification from EPA. The purpose of the Irrigation Association in promoting environmental education is to enable more people to know more about the importance of environmental protection and irrigation works, thereby achieving the three functional objectives for farmland irrigation operations in lifestyle, production, and ecology, and building a sustainable living environment for future generations.

Secretary of Environmental Protection Bureau Shen Shu-yuan noted that the Bureau proactively offers guidance to outstanding venues with unique characteristics to apply for the certification. In terms of building up diversified environmental education facilities in Yunlin County, the Irrigation Association’s Environmental Education Park is not only the first Irrigation Association in Taiwan to receive certification in environmental education, but is also the sixth location in Yunlin County to receive such certification. The other five locations include: Formosan Golden Bat’s Home; Janfusan Fancyworld Theme Park’s Environmental Education Zone; Huashan Community’s Environmental Education Learning Center; Clean, Green, and Sustainable Future Home; and the wastewater treatment plant at Central Taiwan Science Park’s Huwei campus. In the future, the Environmental Protection Bureau will seek to form local pro-environmental protection forces through the respective environmental resources and characteristics of individual areas employed in fun and diversified environmental education for the public, hoping to plant the seed of environmental education among the younger generation and building a sustainable living environment for Yunlin County.

UPDATE:2017-10-30 10:20:00