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The Results of the 2017 Yunlin Second Cleaning Evaluation Contest

 The Results of the 2017 Yunlin Second Cleaning Evaluation Contest

 The 2017 Yunlin Second Cleaning Evaluation was finished on April 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th in 2017. The following are the villages and townships with excellent results in the evaluation: Section 1 (Urban Townships): First place is Beigang; second place is Siluo. Section 2 (Rural Townships): First place is Gukeng; second place is Dapi; third place is Linnei, fourth place is Cihtong; fifth place is Erlun. Villages with excellent results: Section 1: First place is Sifu Village of Beigang; second place is Renhe Village of Beigang. Section 2: First place is Yongchang Village of Gukeng; second place is Yongguang Village of Gukeng; third place is Sanjie Village of Dapi; fourth place is Wuma Village of Linnei; fifth place is Xingtong Village of Cihtong.

 In the evaluation, the sanitation of most communities in villages and townships is well maintained. Road conditions and community environment are tidy and clean in general. Each village chief and the environmental protection volunteer groups contributed greatly to the cleanliness and maintenance of the environmental sanitation. Their proactive attitude is worthy of recognition.

 Yunlin County is currently promoting waste reduction and recycling, as well as actively publicizing and educating the public regarding the idea of recycling, zero waste, and a circular economy. We hope the residents and volunteers will work together to maintain community sanitation and exercise civic virtues as well as caring. Furthermore, together we should all spontaneously keep the environment neat and tidy by removing illegal advertisements and removing standing water in containers, to fulfill environmental responsibilities and pass down environmental consciousness to future generations.

 The Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) calls on the public to take actions for maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings and eliminating disease-carrying mosquito breeding grounds. Residents who raise domestic animals should keep the environment clean. Drain covers in front of houses are also supposed to stay clear of objects and pots to enhance environmental sanitation. The EPB will still publicize the value of sustaining public cleanliness from individuals to households, schools, as well as communities for achieving the ultimate goal of overall pollution elimination.

UPDATE:2017-08-29 13:18:00