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"2017 World Oceans Day and World Environment Day Event" Removing Seabed Trash Nationwide For Better Marine Conservation

  In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th and World Oceans Day on June 8th, County magistrate, Li Jiny-yung, this morning (22nd) led around 300 people gathered from the river patrol teams, schools, private organizations, and environmental protection voluntary organizations to hold the "2017 World Oceans Day and World Environment Day Event" in Bozi Liao Fishing Port. The event's theme focuses on oceans without plastic and preserving the invaluable natural environment. Unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras for underwater photography were used to help record the event. The whole event was broadcast on Facebook Live through the "2017 World Oceans Day Mobilization for Removing Seabed Trash" by the Environmental Protection Administration.

 The Environmental Protection Administration mobilized each local government nationwide to organize and hold beach and ocean cleanups for World Oceans Day. Activities, such as the presentation of the seabed trash cleaning results by professional divers, the marine environmental education activities, the establishment and the flag presentation ceremony of the environmental fleet were held to inform the public and fishermen not to abandon any trash and fishing nets when engaging in marine sightseeing tourism or fishing operations, but rather to reduce trash from the very beginning by bringing it back.

 In the activity, the county magistrate himself personally led professional divers to dive into the offshore area and investigate the seabed. They then promoted environmental education to the public through the presentation of underwater trash they recovered from the seabed. The sources of trash and the marine pollution sources were also learned through the categorization and analysis of the trash taken from the coasts and deep oceans. Mr. Lin (Lin Chang-tsao), Chief of the Environmental Protection Bureau, indicated that it is easy to protect the oceans in our daily life if we follow the three basic principles: (1) No disposable plastic products, such as plastic straws and plastic bags, (2) No littering, but rather practicing good recycling, and (3) Active participation in environmental protection activities such as beach cleansing to save the beautiful beach and oceans together.

 The concept "No trash in the sea, recycling with the ship" was further enhanced today through the establishment of the environmental fleet organized by fishermen and in cooperation with the Yunlin Fishermen's Association. Activities such as recycling raffle activities, the environmentally friendly farmers' market, environmental protection plays, and environmental education promotion events were also held in the hope of encouraging the public to reduce the use of plastic products and practice recycling. It is hoped that no more trash will be dumped into the sea causing secondary damage.

 County magistrate Li Jin-yong said that he often dives because he is a qualified diving coach. However, he feels sad whenever he goes diving and sees trash everywhere in the sea. Each year, millions of tons of trash flow into the oceans, most of which is plastic products. It is clear that undersea trash is an urgent problem. If no immediate action is taken, the trash will endanger marine life and even harm human beings. It is hoped that the public will set out from the concept of sustainability to learn about the environment, respect nature, love the earth, protect the environment and even take action as marine protectors to maintain the beautiful coastal areas. The county government will also take action to support international environmental protection strategies to protect the marine environment.


UPDATE:2017-08-29 13:15:00