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Formosan Golden Bat Ecological Center became an EPA-certified environmental education center on July 25, 2012. A former community health service station in Shuilin Township, thanks to the efforts of a group of enthusiastic environmental education activists and Taiwan Sustainable Union in the county, and with support from Chengzheng Elementary School in Shuilin Township, the old health station was remodeled into an ecological center featuring Formosan Golden Bats that are characteristic of the area. The center offers diverse programs and activities in environmental education, and promotes environmental advocacy and awareness in Yunlin. It is the county’s first environmental education center approved by the EPA.

Formosan Golden Bat Ecological Center is divided into 7 areas, including an exhibition hall, the bat’s contribution to the environment, bat evolution and biodiversity, bats and public health, bat habitat and diet, reading bats, and studying bats. The center is an ideal field trip location for elementary and junior high school students and offers activities and guided tours for the public, teachers and employees to get close to nature. Shuilin Township Office offers free shuttle rides to encourage the public to visit the center.

At present, the ecological center can accommodate scheduled group visits of up to 100 people and guided tours are offered in three different languages, including Chinese, English and Hokkianese. For group visit reservations or outdoor activities information, please go to the official website at http://www.goldenbat.org.tw/ or call the center at (05)6341277#015.

To promote environmental education, develop high-quality ecotourism and provide the public with services and facilities to get close to nature after the Environmental Education Act was promulgated by the EPA in 2010, the Yunlin County government began to put together a list of facilities and venues within the county that are suitable for implementing environmental education. With consultation and guidance from the EPB since 2011, Formosan Golden Bat Ecological Center became the county’s first environmental education center approved and certified by the EPA. In addition, Huashan Community Development Association and Badsikan Ecological and Educational Farm have passed the first stage evaluation. The EPB will continue to provide consultation and guidance to help Badsikan Farm and other venues in the county to obtain EPA certification.

The EPB will provide assistance and guidance to any institution or organization in the county that wishes to become a venue for implementing environmental education. Subsidies and incentives will be offered to those becoming EPA-certified environmental education facilities and venues. Please submit your application to the EPB and help us make a concerted effort to better the environment in Yunlin County.
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